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Street Art Jerusalem and Westbank

Street Art Jerusalem

About 120 photos I have taken on the streets of Jerusalem. And on top I have visited the market ‘Mahane Yehuda’. It’s wonderful to go there at day and night. But if you want to see Street Art, you have to come back on Sabbath. Everything is closed and the shutters of the shops are down :) The artist Solomon Souza painted on the shutters portraits of historical and contemporary figures. About 130 so far.

Street Art Market Jerusalem

I made also a trip to the Westbank. Where the Wall is the hotspot for the Street Art and political statements. And there is more than Banksy…

Street Art Westbank

To complete the series of photos from Israel, I like to link to my previous post, for the photos from Tel Aviv.

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Street Art Lyon

On my way to Eveux for the convent La Tourette, an amazing building by the architect Le Corbusier, I stopped in Lyon. In the streets I collected about 100 pieces of street art.

Street Art Lyon

Watch it online: Street Art Lyon /// Street Art Collection

Street Art Lyon

Street Art on Teufelsberg, Berlin

It was time again for a visit at Teufelsberg. The location of the abandoned spy station of the USA in Berlin. Today well known as the Berlin hotspot for Street Art. On a really wonderful sunny day, I have spent an afternoon on the location. On my walk through I made 222 photos from the works.

Teufelsberg Berlin

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