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My cloud

Release of a new NFT: My cloud

On April 20, 2022, I was the only person who was witness how this cloud suddenly appeared. I watched how it transformed its shape and how it then dissolved into nothing. Owning a cloud is a poetic investment. Sharing the cloud a gesture of social commitment.

My cloud is the second cloud I am sharing: Cloudsurfing

Let’s celebrate the World Braille Day

Today is the ‘World Braille Day’. Thanks to Louis Braille who created this alphabet for blind people. And still in the year 2022 it is not self-evident that texts are available in Braille. Communication is a human right.

Everything starts with the first dot. Let’s celebrate the World Braille Day with two NFTs. You can get a ‘like‘ or ‘Ich liebe Dich auch’ (I love you, too).


December, 21 is the shortest day of the year and the longest, darkest night. This deserves to be celebrated with a neon sign that lights up the night. 

A few years ago, I discovered a neon sign in Berlin. Due to a broken letter it had become even more striking. The LICHTHAUS presented itself as LICHT AUS. The ‘House of Light’ was visible as ‘Light Off’ 

Unfortunately, the owners misjudged the charm and advertising impact and had repaired the letter. But for eternity and collectors there is now an NFT: LIGHT OFF  /  LICHT AUS  or

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