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Abstract of Villa Savoye

Once more, a photo of my series ‘eye on detail’ is featured by Mobiography. Last month, I have visited the Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier and shot the portrait of the impressing building.

If you want to see the entire project, it’s one of my two accounts on instagram: @bazillus

Feature: Moderne Architektur

Mein Portrait der Elbphilharmonie ist im Magazin SCHWARZWEISS 121 – Das Magazin für Fotografie, abgedruckt. Das Foto ist teil meines Langzeitprojektes ‘architecture – eye on detail’ das ich auf instagram fortlaufend erweitere und veröffentliche.

Elbphilharmonie, abstract architecture

St. Mary’s Cathedral

The amazing St. Mary’s Cathedral in Tokyo, completed 1964, is the second portrait of japanese architecture. The architect Kenzo Tange designed a shape of eight hyperbolic parabolas to create a wonderful space of concrete and light in the style of brutalism.

St Mary Cathedral, Tokyo

The St. Mary’s Cathedral in Tokyo and San Francisco are quite familiar in the language of architecture. Have a look to the photos of the buildings by Kenzo Tange and Pier Luigi Nervi.

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