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Symphony of a traveller

Photo set – Uli Schuster – 2024

With photos from Jordan, Italy, Egypt and Japan.

Let’s celebrate the World Braille Day

Today is the ‘World Braille Day’. Thanks to Louis Braille who created this alphabet for blind people. And still in the year 2024 it is not self-evident that texts are available in Braille. Communication is a human right.

Everything starts with the first dot. Let’s celebrate the World Braille Day with two NFTs. You can get a ‘like‘ or ‘Ich liebe Dich auch’ (I love you, too).


Human Rights Day 2023

Today marks the 75th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The foundation of our coexistence. Everyone should know the article by heart. But do you? 

I have published an artwork about it, to remember and to collect : Universal Declaration of Human Rights – Article 1. Enjoy the NFT I have minted on the platform teia which uses the crypto currency Tezos.

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