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Street Art Istanbul

The street art scene in Istanbul is fascinating. You will find a lot of stuff around the popular and touristic places of the district Beyoğlu and around the Galata Tower. You will find works by C215, Evol, Pixel Pancho and of a lot of locals.
JR was recently in town for pastings of his series ‘Wrinkles of the City. For some of his pieces you will get the best point of view from the ferry boat on the way to Eyüp.
On the asian part of Istanbul you will find especially some great wall paintings which were done for the ‘Mural Istanbul Festival’ in 2014. One example, is the work ‘Ufo Attack’ by Sepex and M-City.

Street Art by Sepex and M-City

I uploaded 83 photos from Istanbul to my gallery, where you can find more than 1800 photos from all over the world,in my Street Art Collection – Enjoy:)

If you go to Istanbul, download the App Street Art Istanbul for a convenient tour through the streets.

Two landscapes by Agostino Iacurci

Two landscapes by Agostino Iacurci

The italian artist Agostino Iacurci painted a wall in the size of 14 x 22 meters. As subject and inspiration he had chosen the encounter between two worlds and the link between two people.

I added the work to my App: Street Art Berlin. Enjoy your walk along the amazing walls in Berlin :)

Street Art Bilbao – update

Street Art Bilbao

A batch of 60 photos of Street Art from Bilbao is online and updates the selection from 2013.
Space Invader was twice in town. A few of the space invaders are left. And once he placed some giant pac man ghosts next to the Guggenheim…