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RIP Karaoke Star

The portrait of Joe Hatchiban by the artist Vhils is gone. The gap in front of the mural is filled with a new building. In 2011 the artist had been invited to create four large scaled portraits. Two are left… Have a look to the app Street Art Berlin for a preview, description and the naviagtion towards the walls.


Street Art Berlin – 1. update 2016

Ein sonniger Tag, Zeit für eine Tour durch Mitte, Wedding und den Prenzlauer Berg um die Sammlung von Street Art zu erweitern.

Street Art Berlin, Wedding

45 Fotos ergänzen die fortlaufende Berliner Serie in der Galerie. Zusätzlich habe ich vor kurzem ein neues Instagram Profil: Street_Art_Berlin angelegt, das vor allem die App Street Art Berlin ergänzt.

App + instagram feed

As supplement to the App Street Art Berlin I’ve started the new instagram feed @street_art_berlin. Which will extend the the murals of the app by a lot of snapshots of the more fragile and short-lived works.

App Street Art Berlin

And if you want to get an upgrade from around the world. Have a look to my captured collection. About 2000 photos of Street Art from more than 15 cities, like London, New York, Marseille, Barcelona…