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RIP App: Street Art Berlin

My app Street Art Berlin is not anymore available. The reason is simple. The company which provided me with the technical infrastructure and service had shut down their service. That’s a pitty.
I will consider to continue with a mobile web app for iOS and android. But I will need some spare time to research for a good solution.

Thank you to all customers for using my app :)

App Street Art Berlin

Street Art Amsterdam

During my short stay in Amsterdam I was able to discover and collect 156 pieces of street art. Three areas are right now the hotspots for street art, city centre from central station to Jordan, the NDSM area and Nieuw-West. Important for Nieuw-West is the commitment of the Street Art Museum which is based in the neighborhood and supports new works.

Street Art Amsterdam

Street Art Amsterdam – 156 photos
Street Art Collection – More than 4000 photos from several cities along four continents:

Street Art Egypt

Street Art Cairo

I added 142 photos from Egypt to my gallery. With the exception of four from Tunis, all the other I found in Cairo. The main subject is the revolution from 2011 with all the circumstances.

Street Art Cairo

If you want to travel around the world, here is my gallery with more than 3900 photos: Street Art Collection