Don’t Panic Towel at convent La Tourette

Always have a towel with you… During my travel to the south of France I visited the convent La Tourette in Eveux. An amazing building by the architect Le Corbusier in the style of brutalism, using the modulor principle. Built for a Dominican community of about 100 friars, today just twelve are still living there.

You can visit the convent by a guided tour or stay over night and enjoy building, food, religious service and the amazing view.

Especially in a convent, it is time to relax, roll out your towel and pop a fish in your ear. I had the room 106, above the entrance.

Towel Day 2016

Shopping is a pleasure at the DON’T PANIC Towel Shop

The DON’T PANIC Towel Shop sells just one product, a towel as a tribute to the author Douglas Adams and his ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’.

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