Cliffhanger as NFT

Ready to swap. I minted three photos from my series Cliffhanger as NFT on the platform aka Swap.

The project ‘Cliffhanger’ is based on my longterm photo project ‘Eye on detail’. I have taken photos in over 50 cities around the world. The title is the program. My focus is on the details of architecture, its interior and excerpts from the urban space. The choice of motifs as well as the language of forms and light make the photos independent images. At the same time they are references to regions, architectural styles and epochs.

As further processing and transformation I use these photos as source for new compositions. Finds from four continents interweave into new strong and poetic images. Multiple exposures, create new abstract, multilayered images. ‘Cliffhanger’ invites eyes and mind to discover a sensual remix of a purely man-made world and triggers the senses to dive into a new reality.

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