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App + instagram feed

As supplement to the App Street Art Berlin I’ve started the new instagram feed @street_art_berlin. Which will extend the the murals of the app by a lot of snapshots of the more fragile and short-lived works.

App Street Art Berlin

And if you want to get an upgrade from around the world. Have a look to my captured collection. About 2000 photos of Street Art from more than 15 cities, like London, New York, Marseille, Barcelona…

App: Street Art Berlin

Der App Store empfiehlt Kunst + Kultur in Berlin. Als Highlight meine App: Street Art Berlin.

App Street Art Berlin

A new Mural in Berlin: Face Time


Street Art duo Various and Gould have spent twelve days on their work ‘Face Time’. A patchwork of colored areas and painted dots with a strong reference to their favorite technic of silkscreen printing.
Face Time is not a portrait of one person but rather a character study. An identity based on a patchwork of different sources to celebrate the diversity of mankind.
The work was developed in cooperation with the architects roedig . schop and is covering a mural of about 350 square meters. You will find the mural in the neighborhood of Moritzplatz, close to the former border.

Of course, it’s in my iOS App: Street Art Berlin

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