Präsentation / Vortrag: Oranjehemden

Im Rahmen der interdisziplinären Tagung Uniformierungen in Bewegung vom o2.- o4. März 2006 präsentieren wir unser Projekt ‘Oranjehemden’. Der Eintritt ist frei !

Uniformierungen in Bewegung: Vestimentäre Praktiken zwischen Vereinheitlichung, Kostümierung und Maskerade Unsere Präsentation ist am Samstag, o4. März 2006, 13.30 – 14.00 Uhr Ort: Museum Europäischer Kulturen, Berlin-Dahlem, großer Vortragssaal, Lansstraße, 14195 Berlin

Football shirts and representation
ORANJEHEMDEN – the Dutch National Team Jersey
Over the years the representative function of football jerseys has changed radically. They now seldom merely represent a national or local identity. Due to enormous public attention and the role of football in the media the jersey has proved eminently suitable as a marketing tool. No longer is the expression of (national) identity the determining factor but recognizability and visibility of the sponsors. The project aims to examine the contemporary representation and use of the football jersey and is having a close look at the various design elements and stories connected to the shirts. Therefore we will present cases which are unique in its attitude and philosophy. A special interest in the research is the Dutch National football jersey. With the World Cup in front of us the Dutch football team has made a fresh start with a new coach, the team has undergone a change of identity. Everyone has something to say about football, but the orange shirt (national shirt) often remains undiscussed. Who determines what the strip looks like and what it stands for ? In our research we examined the contemporary representation of the football jersey. We regard the confusion surrounding the shirt’s functions (marketing tool, national symbol or pret a porter ?) as an opportunity to reassemble the various elements. Can, for example multicultural identity, the football total philosophy, the penalty trauma or a phenomenon like Johan Cruijff inspire a new design proposal ? In the lecture ‘Football shirts & Representation’ in we provide some insight into our research and present a number of shirt sketches to open up a discussion.
ORANJEHEMDEN – the Dutch National Team Jersey

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