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Symphony of a traveller

Photo set – Uli Schuster – 2024

With photos from Jordan, Italy, Egypt and Japan.

Human Resources @ der Greif

Guest-Room is a monthly online exhibition by der Greif magazine. The current curator Christoph Tannert selected one of my photos: Human Resources

My presentation at the MOWO Festival

I will give a presentation of my photo project ‘architecture – eye on detail’.

Saturday, Sep. 14th
12:30 MOWOCAST “Architecture – eye on detail” @bazillus

‘architecture – eye on detail’
Details of architecture as ‘Urban Time Stamps’. My focus is on excerpts and reduction of interfaces and nodes. A challenge to find the essence of the works as well as they transform the content in an independent abstract image.
The combination of architecture, space, light and urban landscape creates an atmosphere of a certain moment. Concrete and light as marker of history in the urbanity. Abstraction and cut outs as a trigger of imagination. Photos create memory. They are not final result but rather a start to imagine and to remember.

About me:
“Architecture – eye on detail” @bazillus
Uli Schuster – CV (español)

MOWO 2013
‘The World’s Photomobile Community Meeting’
Torrevieja (Spain) 13-14-15 september

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