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Portraits von mir von einem Roboter gezeichnet

Drei Roboter fertigen parallel jeweils ein Portrait an. Sie nutzen dabei ihre unterschiedlichen Perspektiven zum Modell. ETUDE HUMAINE (Studien am Menschen) ist eine Arbeit von Patrick Tresset, die z.Zt. in der Ausstellung ‘Smart Factory’ in Le Havre, Frankreich zu sehen ist. In der heutigen Zeit wo Millionen Selfies jede Sekunde entstehen muss man hier den Robotern 40min Zeit gönnen. Eingeladen ist jeder Besucher der Ausstellung soweit man Zeit & Lust hat…

Portraits von mir von einem Roboter gezeichnet

Ghost signs in Cairo

While walking through the city of Cairo I discovered the old painted advertisements. Handmade, often covering an entire facade of a building. Over the years, the colour disappears or peels off. The result are miracles of the past or lovely abstract murals…

ghost sign Cairo

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Street Art Jerusalem and Westbank

Street Art Jerusalem

About 120 photos I have taken on the streets of Jerusalem. And on top I have visited the market ‘Mahane Yehuda’. It’s wonderful to go there at day and night. But if you want to see Street Art, you have to come back on Sabbath. Everything is closed and the shutters of the shops are down :) The artist Solomon Souza painted on the shutters portraits of historical and contemporary figures. About 130 so far.

Street Art Market Jerusalem

I made also a trip to the Westbank. Where the Wall is the hotspot for the Street Art and political statements. And there is more than Banksy…

Street Art Westbank

To complete the series of photos from Israel, I like to link to my previous post, for the photos from Tel Aviv.

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