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My cloud

Release of a new NFT: My cloud

On April 20, 2022, I was the only person who was witness how this cloud suddenly appeared. I watched how it transformed its shape and how it then dissolved into nothing. Owning a cloud is a poetic investment. Sharing the cloud a gesture of social commitment.

My cloud is the second cloud I am sharing: Cloudsurfing

Pandemic Diary

After one year of the pandemic, we are still in the status: Stay Safe – Stay Home. Avoid not necessary contacts. And we know, the only hope is vaccination. A life with minimal contacts and a lot of video conferences at the desk and cultural events just as streams on the couch. How does it feel? Thoughts from my diary:

Thoughts from my pandemic diary as Nft. I am the meat in the sandwich of my room is available on H=N.

My new NFT – Non-Fungible Token

As the NFT hype is mainly characterised by colorful gif animations, i like to focus on work which is based on text and black and white. I have chosen the platform hicetnunc (Here and Now), which open source, eco friendly (CleanNFT) and uses the crypto currency Tezos.

Two new works I have published (minted): Universal Declaration of Human Rights – Article 1. The foundation of our coexistence. Everyone should know the article by heart. But do you?

One Like – may the real currency of today? Is a like just +1 on a counter or an own abstract image? Here written in Braille.

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